Australian made, handcrafted crocodile leather goods

Each individual Hand Created item has its own exotic and unique pattern.


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Australian Crocodile Traders are the leaders in producing some of the world’s most sought after Australian Saltwater Crocodile Leather.

We manufacture and wholesale to a variety and diverse range of industries domestic and internationally.
Established in 1993, Australian Crocodile Traders have been producing Australian Made leather goods for over 25 years.

From our leather workshop to your home, we celebrate our special craftsmanship that is undeniably unique, hand designed and HAND MADE right here on our premise.

Our exclusive Crocodile Skin leather and products are designed and created right here in Northern Australia with the finest grades of crocodile leather you will find.

Our passionate team produce extremely high quality craftsmanship that let us produce exclusive products just for you in a variety of New and Exciting tanned colours that are an AUSTRALIAN FIRST!

'Our crocodile leather products are ''Certified Australian Made Products" which means that you can be sure you are buying authentic, premium-quality crocodile leather and products that originate from our clean, green environment, that are made to our demanding Australian standards'.

New Products! - (These products are available for retail and wholesale for store stockists)
Choose from a range of breathtaking beautiful colours in our new collection.

  • Coloured Hornback Backstrap Belts (3.8cm wide)
  • Slimline Female Hornback Backstrap Belts (2.5cm wide)
  • Bellyskin Teardrop Keyring
  • Crocodile Belly Skin Stubby Coolers
  • Flat Crocodile Wristwrap
  • Camera/Clutch Strap.
  • Coloured Backstrap Hatbands.

(Please Note – all products, colours and quantity are subject to availability)

*If you are interested in becoming a retailer for our unique crocodile leather goods and stocking our products please email us at for more information and our wholesale price list.

Leather Department Enquiries - 07 4043 3408 or
Sales and Marketing Enquiries - 0448 345 565 or

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